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With great happiness, we wish to inform of our next release of EOS Factory 3.3.0. In this release we have added highly requested features such as:

Native compilation and debugging of EOSIO smart contracts. Improved startup of the nodeos process: better control on stuck conditions that frequently occur. Full EOS 1.8 Compatibility


by tokenika in eosio 4 weeks ago

It’s been a very busy time for us recently, and today we would like to share with you the fruits of our labour. As EOS Factory is maturing into a full-blown smart contract IDE, not only new features are added to it, but also additional layers introduced. One of such layers, we have the pleasure of announcing today,…

by tokenika in eosio 2 months ago

Who we are?

Tokenika is a Warsaw-based, Eastern European blockchain expert, software house and a think-tank specializing in blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.

Consisting of a strong team of experts from the fields of IT, coding, artificial intelligence, trading, law and regulatory environments, we strive to create a foundation for the most promising blockchain related tech.

Our team members have been involved in blockchain and DLT tech since 2012, and have been firm supporters of Dan Larimer’s projects since the introduction of BitSharesX, the first incarnation of BitShares.

Currently Tokenika’s efforts are exclusively dedicated to successful deployment of EOSIO ecosystem, in our eyes being one of the brightest new stars on the blockchain scene.

As a potential block producer, we are acutely aware of the scale and complexity of this task.

What we do?

Contributing to EOS ecosystem

We’re creating EOS Factory, a Python-based smart-contract development & testing framework, similar to Ethereum’s Truffle Framework. Also, we’re the team behind EOS Projects, a comprehensive directory of apps, sites and tools in the EOS ecosystem, and EOS Offline Voting, a secure mechanism for casting votes for block producers.

Contributing to EOS publicity

We spread the word and present EOS at high-profile events [Blockchain Connect in Warsaw] and at blockchain conferences in Poland, Europe & Asia [Warsaw, Wrocław, Łódź, Poznań, Szczecin, Oslo, Beijing].

Contributing to the community

We lead an active EOS community and have a lively following on the Steem platform, where we educate and offer advice on technological and practical subjects regarding EOS.

Bringing businesses to EOS

We provide consultancy services for companies who consider building or migrating large-scale businesses to EOS. To-date cooperation includes work with Parsec Frontiers, Builder Commerce, Send Gold, Trans EU.

Building dApps on EOS

We’ve set out to create our own dApps on EOS. We’re building Sygnet, a cryptographic identity verification tool taking advantage of the opportunities opened up by the European PSD2 legislation, and Joint, an ontology-based social network.

Advising public institutions

As we believe in a smooth transition from traditional economy to decentralized one, we advise the Polish Ministry of Digitization on blockchain-related matters, and have early insight into Poland’s and EU’s blockchain regulatory landscape.



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